My first CD was released in 2000.  This contains some of my favorite cover songs.  The track list includes:

1.  Songman

2.  Mr Tambourine Man

3.  Mr Bojangles

4.  The Letter

5.  Loving Her Was Easier (Than Anything I'll Ever Do Again)

6.  All Along The Watchtower

7.  Circle

8.  Up On Cripple Creek

9.  Please Come To Boston

10. The Boxer

11. Songman (Reprise)


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"Closer To My Dreams"

Closer To My Dreams was released in 2008 and it contains 10 original songs.  I play all of the instruments.

The track listing is:

1.   One Man Band

2.  Tangerine Fair

3.  No Guarantees

4.  Fatty Fatty Two By Four

5.  Sister Mary Elizabeth

6.  Because of War

7.  She's A Rainbow

8.  The Blue Canyon Waltz

9.  Changing Planes In Pittsburgh

10. Turn The Music Up Louder

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DYRKH:  Do You Really Know Him was released in 2014.  This CD contains songs that I wrote during the early 1970's through the mid 1980's.  The song are religious in nature.  This CD includes the song "Tell Me America" which received a Certificate of Achievement from the Billboard 1994 Songwriters Competition.  This is the track listing:

1.  Praise The Lord

2.  Salvation

3.  Jeremiah 17:7&8

4.  The Unexpected Visitor

5.  Tell Me America

6.  Who's Gonna Tell The People

7.  The Kingdom of Our God

8.  Take Another Look At The Cross

9.  Do You Really Know Him

10. Song of Triumph


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