I have just released a new CD entitled “DYRKH”. DYRKH stands for Do You Really Know Him? Not long after I moved back to Iowa several friends of mine remembered that I had written some songs back in the early 1970’s and they asked me if I was still performing them. I told them I wasn’t and they encouraged me to revisit them and think about singing them once again. So I pulled several of them from my archives and began to warm up to them again. I then shared with my friends other songs I had written during the 1980’s and they responded favorably to what they heard. Thus, a seed was planted and in the course of events that followed they persuaded me to record a new CD containing these compositions. With both their moral and financial support, plans were made to record the CD. The subject matter of DYRKH is different from my previous CDs. The songs on this CD are spiritual and evangelical in nature. They were written during a time of deep introspection and conviction. Believing that these songs should not be lost to “time” they will now be able to live on through this recorded media. It is my hope that they will be received in the spirit in which they were written…hope, peace and love. “DYRKH” is available for purchase through several outlets. First of all you can buy it directly from me through the mail or during any of my performances. The cost is $10.00. If you live out of town, please add $2.00 for shipping. Forms of payment are cash, check, money order and PayPal. You can also purchase it online by visiting,, and

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