Recovery From Heart By Pass Surgery

At the end of November of 2012, I underwent a heart by-pass operation. Since then I have been recovering and I am getting stronger every day. My surgery was nearly textbook in its execution and the doctors and nurses looking after me did a wonderful job. I was lucky that I did not have a heart attack and the procedure was done just in time to keep that from happening. I spent the month of December and the first half of January following my doctors orders. I was not allowed to play my guitar until the end of January. That was rough. But now, I have picked it up and I am playing everyday and ready to get back out there and do the one thing that I loved to do. I am excited about the future and being able to perform again as a solo artist and with the groups Above Ground and Simple Twist of Fate. Check back soon for more information about some upcoming projects that should be materializing in the late spring and early fall. As always, thanks to all my fans who support what I do. Thanks for listening. Robert

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