More Changes/More Challenges

A lot has happened since my last update. I have moved again. I was living in a rented farm house in the country but decided I needed to move into the city in order to be closer to the music scene. So I have moved back to my hometown of Council Bluffs Iowa. I have been working with an old high school buddy of mine, Bob MachMuller. Mac and I played together in a band when we were in high school. He is a wonderful guitarist and adds some very nice guitar accompaniment to what I do. It's nice to be reconnected with him after all these years. I have also been spending more time working on stretching my guitar skills, upright bass and bass guitar skills and I have even started to play the ukulele. I am finding the uke to be a fun and surprisingly easy instrument to play. I recently attended the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival in Lyons Colorado. Was hoping to get into the songwriters school but it filled up before I could make a reservation. Still, I enjoyed the festival very much. It was good to be around all of that creative energy. I particularly enjoyed listening to Marc Cohn, Ani DiFranco, Greg Brown, Steve Seskin and John Prine. I was also exposed to artists I hadn't heard before and came away a new fan of Pete Kartsounes, Paul Jacobsen and Grace Pettis. I haven't done a lot of writing. Small snipets of lyrics here and there. But that's is how the writing process usually goes for me. A little at a time. Meanwhile, I continue to focus on the other aspects of my music. Thanks for stopping by and please sign my guestbook and mailing list.

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