Robert Continues To Be Busy

Robert has been busy working with several groups as well as continuing with his solo endeavors. He has established a folk-rock group with his old high school musician friend Bob MachMuller. This entity is called “Simple Twist of Fate” and they are playing some of the best folk-rock songs from the 60’s and 70’s. Also, he has recently joined a country/rock band called Soundogz. Robert is playing bass guitar and adding some strong background vocals. Occasionally, he pulls out his acoustic guitar and shares a soft ballad when it is time to slow things down a little. It is a strong rocking band that will soon be taking the Omaha area by storm. Playing his upright bass, he has been working with a group called Future Road. Future Road is modeled after the 1960’s Australian group “The Seekers”. While Future Road is still in the development stage they are working hard so they can start performing in the near future. Check out Robert's Calendar page to see where he will be performing.

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