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ROBERT MATTER: Questions and Answers

This is a page where you can ask me questions you might have.

Posted on April 5, 2015 with 1 comment
After performing for so many years I am always grateful for any interactions I have with audience members after a performance. During this time I am usually asked a number of questions. I think there are two specific questions that I have heard repeatedly. Here they are:

How do you remember all of those words?
My answer: Well, I have been singing most of them for lots of years. So that helps.

Did anyone ever tell you that you look like David Crosby?
My answer: Yes. In fact, I saw David Crosby perform like three times with in a year and I remember one time I was in the front row of the concert and he looked at me and kinda stared a meet for several moments. I'm wondering if he thought he was having some sort of flashback. But yes, I hear that question a lot.

R Crick

April 16, 2015

Are you, Bob, and Amy still working as a group?