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New CD: "DYRKH" - April 5, 2015

I have just released a new CD entitled “DYRKH”. DYRKH stands for Do You Really Know Him? Not long after I moved back to Iowa several friends of mine remembered that I had written some songs back in the early 1970’s and they asked me if I was still performing them. I told them I wasn’t and they encouraged me to revisit them and think about singing them once again. So I pulled several of them from my archives and began to warm up to them again. I then shared with my friends other songs I had written during the 1980’s and they responded favorably to what they heard.

Thus, a seed was planted and in the course of events that followed they persuaded me to record a new CD containing these compositions. With both their moral and financial support, plans were made to record the CD.

The subject matter of DYRKH is different from my previous CDs. The songs on this CD are spiritual and evangelical in nature. They were written during a time of deep introspection and conviction. Believing that these songs should not be lost to “time” they will now be able to live on through this recorded media. It is my hope that they will be received in the spirit in which they were written…hope, peace and love.

“DYRKH” is available for purchase through several outlets. First of all you can buy it directly from me through the mail or during any of my performances. The cost is $10.00. If you live out of town, please add $2.00 for shipping. Forms of payment are cash, check, money order and PayPal. You can also purchase it online by visiting,, and

Recovery From Heart By Pass Surgery - March 1, 2013

At the end of November of 2012, I underwent a heart by-pass operation. Since then I have been recovering and I am getting stronger every day. My surgery was nearly textbook in its execution and the doctors and nurses looking after me did a wonderful job. I was lucky that I did not have a heart attack and the procedure was done just in time to keep that from happening.

I spent the month of December and the first half of January following my doctors orders. I was not allowed to play my guitar until the end of January. That was rough. But now, I have picked it up and I am playing everyday and ready to get back out there and do the one thing that I loved to do.

I am excited about the future and being able to perform again as a solo artist and with the groups Above Ground and Simple Twist of Fate.

Check back soon for more information about some upcoming projects that should be materializing in the late spring and early fall.

As always, thanks to all my fans who support what I do.

Thanks for listening.


New song: "The Winds of Missoula" - April 11, 2012

I am excited about a new song that I have written with a fellow musician friend of mine. His name is Franklin Taggart and lives in Loveland Colorado. We met many years ago while performing at a festival in Virginia. The song is called “The Winds of Missoula” and he may be making a recording of it soon. I will keep you posted on its progress.

Here Comes Summer - June 18, 2011

As summer comes into view Robert has been very busy. He continues to work on a solo basis and with the group Soundogz. Hopefully, Simple Twist of Fate (his folk-rock duo with Bob MachMuller) will be performing soon at a venue near you. The group Future Road has taken a break for awhile due to conflicting work schedules. But in the meantime, Robert has been working with a trio called Above Ground. Above Ground consists of two guitarists, a female singer and lots of harmonies. They do a wide range of music from Billy Joel to the Everly Brothers and they will be making their public debut in July.

Songwriter Workshop with Steve Seskin - May 1, 2011

On May 7th, 2011 Robert will be attending a songwriter workshop in Des Moines Iowa. The workshop is being lead by Steve Seskin. Steve Seskin has written seven number one songs, including Grammy-nominated “Grown Men Don’t Cry,“ recorded by Tim McGraw, and “Don’t Laugh at Me,“ winning NSAI Song of the Year and Music Row Magazine Song of the Year in 1999. Robert is looking forward to this one day workshop. He enjoys the songwriting process and participating in songwriting workshops is one of his favorite things to do.

Robert Continues To Be Busy - March 16, 2011

Robert has been busy working with several groups as well as continuing with his solo endeavors.

He has established a folk-rock group with his old high school musician friend Bob MachMuller. This entity is called “Simple Twist of Fate” and they are playing some of the best folk-rock songs from the 60’s and 70’s.

Also, he has recently joined a country/rock band called Soundogz. Robert is playing bass guitar and adding some strong background vocals. Occasionally, he pulls out his acoustic guitar and shares a soft ballad when it is time to slow things down a little. It is a strong rocking band that will soon be taking the Omaha area by storm.

Playing his upright bass, he has been working with a group called Future Road. Future Road is modeled after the 1960’s Australian group “The Seekers”. While Future Road is still in the development stage they are working hard so they can start performing in the near future.

Check out Robert's Calendar page to see where he will be performing.

More Changes/More Challenges - August 22, 2010

A lot has happened since my last update. I have moved again. I was living in a rented farm house in the country but decided I needed to move into the city in order to be closer to the music scene. So I have moved back to my hometown of Council Bluffs Iowa.

I have been working with an old high school buddy of mine, Bob MachMuller. Mac and I played together in a band when we were in high school. He is a wonderful guitarist and adds some very nice guitar accompaniment to what I do. It's nice to be reconnected with him after all these years.

I have also been spending more time working on stretching my guitar skills, upright bass and bass guitar skills and I have even started to play the ukulele. I am finding the uke to be a fun and surprisingly easy instrument to play.

I recently attended the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival in Lyons Colorado. Was hoping to get into the songwriters school but it filled up before I could make a reservation. Still, I enjoyed the festival very much. It was good to be around all of that creative energy. I particularly enjoyed listening to Marc Cohn, Ani DiFranco, Greg Brown, Steve Seskin and John Prine. I was also exposed to artists I hadn't heard before and came away a new fan of Pete Kartsounes, Paul Jacobsen and Grace Pettis.

I haven't done a lot of writing. Small snipets of lyrics here and there. But that's is how the writing process usually goes for me. A little at a time. Meanwhile, I continue to focus on the other aspects of my music.

Thanks for stopping by and please sign my guestbook and mailing list.

Robert Has Made A Major Career Decision - September 18, 2009

I have recently moved from Virginia back to my home state of Iowa. I am in the process of settling in and getting reacquainted with the area. I am excited by the changes and the challenges that I will encounter within the next few months. In many ways I feel like I am “starting over” but in other ways I feel like I am right at home.

At the moment I do not have any performances scheduled. I am taking my time getting established in the local music scene. I’m getting moved into my new living quarters and taking care of all the necessary things that moving entails.

In the meantime, I am still writing down ideas for new songs, practicing my guitar, keeping my vocal chords in shape and making plans to continue to get “Closer To My Dreams”.

Performing The Song "Right Goes Wrong" - May 24, 2009

On May 29th 2009 the World Premiere of a play by Bill Jenkins entitled "Hearts Full Of Tears", will be presented by 40th Street Stage in conjunction with The Virginia Center For Public Safety in Norfolk Virginia. "Hearts Full Of Tears" deals with how a family reacts to the loss of a family member due to gun violence.

At the beginning of the May 29th performance, I have been invited to perform the song "Right Goes Wrong" written by Eugene Lempert a member of The Virginia Center For Public Safety. I look forward to being a part of this opening night.

To hear the song "Right Goes Wrong" visit the VACPS website at and click on the tab "Advocacy Through The Arts".

To get more information on performance dates and times and ticket information, visit the 40th Street Stage website at

Buy "Closer To My Dreams" at - March 22, 2008

"Closer To My Dreams" is now avavilable for purchase from To make it easier for a lot of you, it is also available in the digital download format. Purchase your copy of "Closer To My Dreams" today from

"Closer To My Dreams" Is Now Available - February 27, 2008

My new CD "Closer To My Dreams" is finished and now available for purchase. "Closer To My Dreams" contains 10 original songs. Now you can listen to "One Man Band", "Tangerine Fair", No Guarantees", "Fatty, Fatty Two By Four", "Sister Mary Elizabeth", "Because Of War", "She's A Rainbow", "The Blue Canyon Waltz", "Changing Planes In Pittsburgh" and "Turn The Music Up Louder" any time you want. "Closer To My Dreams" can be purchased wherever I am performing and it will be availble online at CDBABY and other musical outlets. I will keep you updated on where you can purchase it.

HAPPY NEW YEAR - January 7, 2008

Welcome to the new year. I look forward to an exciting year of new opportunities, music and friendships.

Please check out the photo page as I have added photos of some of my fans who continue to support me at my performances. I'll be adding more throughout the year so check back often and see yourself or others who I have posted.

While you are here, please sign my guestbook. Let me know if you enjoyed a particular performance, what you think of my CD or anything else that you would like to tell me.

Take care and keep supporting live music in your area.


"Because Of War" project presented at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula in Newport News, Virginia. - July 29, 2007

On 7-29-2007 Robert presented the first performance of his "Because Of War" program. The program consists of songs and personal testimonials discussing how people have been affected by war. Robert has recieved many personal accounts from people around the country describing how they have been affected by war. During the presentation he read several of those testimonials, sang a few relevant songs and opened the floor to allow those in the audience to share their feelings as well. Hopefully, this will be the beginning of many performances of the "Because Of War" program.

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