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Patty Pritz

September 1, 2017

Hi Bob, How are you doing? Remembering good times at Christopher Newport College. Take care, Your friend, Patty

Karly Harris

June 8, 2017

Hi Robert it's Karly from the village parlor I remember you coming and playing at the parlor when I was working there. The cats in the cradle was my favorite song you covered at that time. I see you were in VA last month but I missed it when are you coming back to perform.

Thomas Oostendorp

February 23, 2017

she's a rainbow, great song! personal favorite of me and my roommates. Please come to the netherlands sometimes :)

Jeanie Oles

May 23, 2016

I love listening to your music. I have several of you CDs....but listening to you in person is far better. Thank you for the newsletters with scheduled performances you send. Looking forward to seeing you soon!!


October 2, 2014

You are the Best! Loved hearing you sing at Kikker's.


July 29, 2014

You are a great singer. Your voice is powerful, dynamic

and expressive. You sing with great resonance, tone and control. You are a natural

Jeriann G.

June 9, 2014

Robert played at Bethany Heights for our tenants today, and he was wonderful! His song choices were perfect for this generation and his voice was excellent. I would definately recommend him for a show!

Jenny Brooks

May 17, 2014

Ummmmm that was supposed to be BUSY. LOL

Jenny Brooks

May 17, 2014

Boy! It looks like you're staying buys!!!! Good for you.

Josh and Kim

January 10, 2014

My family enjoyed your music at First Night.

Thank You!
Josh and Kim


January 9, 2014

Thanks for always doing such a great job playing for our residents at IFH! They love your music :)


January 7, 2014

Great page. ..thanks for the suggestion of the song on your CD. Enjoy listening to them late at night when the world seems still. Thanks again my friend.. See you soon...and that's a promise!!


ralph tharpe

December 1, 2013

searching for the "Plainfolk" song about Amoskeag Mill.


October 28, 2013

What a fun night at Memories Lounge! Hope they have you back soon!


October 14, 2013

I love your singing.

Elaine Wells

August 3, 2013

Thanks for sending me you calendar of upcoming performances. I have other plans every evening until August 30th, but I look forward to hearing & seeing you then.

Monte Parr

May 11, 2013

Hi Bob, Dona Homan mailed me your two CD's. I have been through them both, cried during a few songs (old softie), and I really appreciate your special gift. Hopefully I will get back to CB and might get to catch one of your performances. Blessings to you!


May 5, 2013

When I heard you sing at the "Twisted Tail" it made my heart flutter! Thanks for the great night!

Matilda Robinson

March 31, 2013

Loved your singing tonight March 23rd at Barley's. Great performance. Love Matilda


March 22, 2013

I was at "The Lauter Tun" March 19th. Thank you for singing all Bob Dylan songs. I especially loved hearing you sing "Lay Lady Lay". I've heard more than once that you have one of the best singing voices ever heard and I agree!


March 8, 2013

Robert, Your rendition of the song "Loving Her Was Easier Than Anything I'll Ever Do Again" is the most beautiful one I have ever heard. Love listening to both of your CD's,it is JOY to hear you in person! Thank you


September 4, 2012

I'm still trying to get there to hear you in person.... :) One day I hope....

The Younger Generation

August 17, 2012

Thanks for introducing us to to Dyaln and 60's music at the Driftwood Inn on the 17th. Love your voice! We had a great time!


July 14, 2012

Wow, Robert. I heard you for the first time at the Driftwood Inn last Thursday night. I was blown away. You have an incredible voice and the songs you sang were wonderful. I hope to hear you again sometime soon.

Karyn Gator

June 15, 2012

Robert, I just caught you with Simple Twist of Fate and I must tell you, You guys are incredible!!Very few people are doing the quality of songs that you guys are doing nowadays. Keep on Rockin in the Free World!!!!!!

Bruce Homan

April 17, 2012

Your music is always fantastic and your dreams will always be reality.


March 14, 2011

Great looking page and an impressive list of past shows.. I will be back to listen to your music, but it is late tonight or very early depending on how you look at it.

Jenny Graziano

January 29, 2011

Hi Robert,
We miss you here in Gloucester! Hope all is going well with you. Do you have plans for another CD in the near future? Keep us informed.

Chrissie Sorensen Nedved

November 5, 2010

Hey Bob this is great! I enjoyed reading aobut your life and music.

Tina Matter

October 27, 2010

your website looks great!!!Love you always


October 8, 2010

Your music is wonderful, I should have posted that 1st! "Songman" is a great CD, you put a really special touch to the music. And do you ever do concerts in WI?

Hani scott Boeck

October 8, 2010

I am from the east coast and love the song Amoskeag Mill, do you sing it? The only people I have heard sing it are Plainfolk and it's no longer available. My oldest son teaches guitar lessons in that same mill! thanks, hani

Al Soliven

September 24, 2010

Bob (Robert),
Aloha and Greetings! I moved from Hawaii to VA hoping to see you again. Now, you're back in Council Bluffs. I still like your guitar and music. From an old friend, al

Nena Cooney

January 16, 2010

Well Bob, I've checked out your music and I loved it....I think you have truly found found what you were to do, but we all knew that many years ago. I love your music and of course ordered your music...I only expect to hear more...


November 18, 2009

Just wanted to wish you luck, health and prosperity in your new situation. I still have those videos we recorded at my house if you want them. Let me know if you do! Much success!

Pat Mister

August 2, 2009

Bob, knew you from the old "Fisherman's House" days...glad to see that you're pursuing music...I can really say that I knew you when


August 2, 2009

When one door closes, many more open. This has been the first mile of a life-long journey. Consider it a successful mile and a total learning experience of the music within your heart.

Thank you for things you taught me that couldn't possibly have been learned any other way.

Be blessed,

Kathryn Sloan

June 24, 2009

I loved your performance at the coffee hag....please come back

Christine Myers

June 6, 2009

Catherine, Wendy and I loved your performance at the Coffee Hag in Mankato, MN! So glad you came to our little corner hangout to share that beautiful voice with us. We will watch for your return and pray you have wonderful travels until we have the joy of seeing you again! Until then we will enjoy the CD.

Jenny Brooks

June 4, 2009

Hey, I like all the photos! Nice touch.Hope to hear from you soon.You know, I could have SWORN I stopped by here after your performance in Johnson City back in December! Bob,You were absolutely fantastic.Doug enjoyed it, too!It was so nice seeing you and Kathrine again.OH! I sent you a photo from that performance, too.(finally):))

Lisa Land

May 4, 2009

Still missing you and hearing you sing!! Stopping by to say hello and let you know that I hope to catch up with you soon!

Tommy J

March 19, 2009

Howzitgoin? Haven't taken much time to work on writing lately. Got some old and new lyrics in the barrel. How are you doing? See ya soon?


February 21, 2009

Hi Bob, How are you doing?

Elizabeth (Judkins) Price

December 9, 2008

Bob, Andrew and I really enjoyed seeing you at the Crescent Moon coffee house in Lincoln, NE. Your songs brought back so many good memories for me. I know Jacob liked to listen to your Closer To My Dreams CD. Maybe you inspired his choices of music to learn to play. Thanks for all you do!


November 15, 2008

Hi Bob un grand bonjour from France.

Dianne Melton

November 4, 2008

Just popping in to say hello....HELLO. I see you are going to my hometown, Johnson City TN. :)
Hope you are well.

Mark Pohto

October 28, 2008

You are our sunshine on a cloudy fall day! Have fun this winter. p.s. It's a wild world.

Sharon Points

October 27, 2008

Hi Robert,
Just wanted to let you know I got to meet the marine who was with my brother when he was killed 40 years ago. He is a very compassionate person and is helping me alot to find some kind of inner peace. I have a picture of the two of us to send you. Hope you are doing well. See you again someday :).

Lisa Land

September 27, 2008

Hi Robert! Long time no see...hope you are doing well..I so miss hearing you play..may have to make the drive up to Mathews some time!! Take care :)

Bonny Basilone

September 11, 2008

Come back to Williamsburg. We miss you!

Berit Pedersen

August 1, 2008

Hello Robert
I heard your music at my best friend Bente,she is called peace woolf on my space. I like your music and found your site on the cd s you send Bente
Love Berit Denmark

Jenny Brooks

May 30, 2008

Boy you must be really hopping! I haven't heard from you in quite a while,Bob. Take care and keep up the good work--I LOVE the new cd!Now I'm waiting for number three.Talk to you soon.

Sharon Points

May 26, 2008

It was such a pleasure meeting you at The Veterans Plaza by The Vietnam Memorial in Bayliss Park today. Thank you again for singing for me especially the song Look Me Up After The War.

Tom Judkins

May 5, 2008

Hey, I knew this kid, Bobby matter, way back in the day growing up in Iowa. He started playing songs and I believe he loved that more than any of the other crazy stuff we did growing up. It is great to see it has lodged in his soul and he has inspired me to grab the ol' guitar every nowand then. This has now passed on to my sister Elizabeth's sons, Andrew and jake. I hope t pass this on to my grandson or grandaughter someday soon. The website looks great and I will enjoy this new CD as much as your first (boy, those songs sure rang a bell!)
Peace and love yo you and yours...from me and mine. Yes, I am still listening and learning!
Tommy J

Bob "Fritz" Caughey

April 11, 2008

WOW!I can't wait to hear the new CD. really enjoyed the 1st one. looks like your dream came true, congrats.

Ron Gerard

February 29, 2008

I always had faith that you would complete another CD. Closer to My Dreams shows some of your best work yet. It also is a title that explains your life very closely. At least for as long as I have known you, and that is a very long time.
Thank you to the guy that taught me how to play the guitar.
Ron Gerard
Omaha, Nebrasa

Lana Puckett

February 24, 2008

Robert, Seems like only yesterday you introduced yourself to Kim Person and I at the 1996 Kerrville Folk Festival. Somehow I knew we would become good friends. I really enjoyed being your graphic artist for "Songman" and hope to work together again in the future. Good luck with your musical adventure in 2008.
Lana Puckett

Linda Ours

January 7, 2008

Nice website! Enjoyed your performance at Stillwater's in December. Looking forward to the collection of your original songs. I was so impressed when I first heard some of them at Wild Rabbit a while back, and it will be nice to have them available on a recording. Best wishes for a great 2008! :)

Kathryn Sloan

October 5, 2007

Robert, I enjoyed hearing your music and look forward to more!

mike Farrell

October 2, 2007

Just droped in to see what you have going. Hope all is well with you. I am just headed out to AZ tomorrow. I will be back in the spring.Take care Bob.
Peace Mike

Jenny Brooks

September 8, 2007

WOW! It just keeps getting better. I told you I'd be back.I hope to see you perform somewhere close, soon. I am looking forward to hearing some of your original songs.Follow your dreams,Bob!

Wendell & Lou Ayers

August 1, 2007

Great performance and program at the UUFP. Almost like "old times". We wish you the best and looking forward to your next album.


July 13, 2007

Loved your performance at the 2007 Concert On The Green Series on 7-12-2007 in Gloucester. You sang some great songs that brought back a lot of nice memories. Looking forward to hearing you again.


July 7, 2007

Hi Bob Greetings from Frqnce

Dan Matter

May 7, 2007

Its a wonderful enjoyment seeing you take the giant step into turning dreams into reality. I cant wait to hear your original songs simply because your perception of life has similar qualities that correlate with mine. But after all, i did get them from the man who i am writing to now. Keep it up dad!

Tobi Hancock

March 30, 2007

Nope. No Mistakin' that voice!

Mike Aiken

February 7, 2007

Your site looks great. Congratulations on following your dreams and we're looking forward to hearing your new CD! Best of luck!!

John Adams

February 6, 2007

Robert, I haven't seen you since the gig at Barnes & Nobles (I know, too long ago) but I still enjoy listening to Songman. I am looking forward to the CD of original songs! I've always admired the way you have kept to your convictions.

Walt Stillman

February 6, 2007

Nice site Robert looks like you put time and thought into it.I'm still going to get by and listen one night, guess I'll have to put you up on the frig next to my gransons hand (now there's a hook for ya) Walt

P.S. I'd like to get with you sometime and just pick, play and sing. You know you're in my era, I've been 39 forever.

Carl Stevens

January 29, 2007

I enjoyed your performance at the Tidewater Friends Of Folk Music Coffeehouse on Friday 1-26-2007. Your original songs were wonderful. You have a nice full range of topics and I thought the ones you sang were very well crafted. Looking forward to hearing more of your original songs when your next CD is released. Thanks for a nice evening.

Greg Trafidlo

January 17, 2007

Good job on the site. Your "Songman" is delightful. You've done a superb job assembling a group of songs, which showcase your pleasant vocal style and guitar talents, as well as musical influences. The CD is a tribute to the songwriting of Harry Chapin, Kris Kristofferson, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and others. I see one important difference between "Songman" and other cover compilations, and that is your delivery and interpretation. I enjoyed the renditions of contemporary folk standards such as, "Mr. Tambourine Man", Dave Loggins "Please Come To Boston", and the Carson and Thompson hit, "The Letter". What makes this CD special is you've captured the smile in your voice. There are few song interpreters that have that quality. Steve Goodman and Jimmy Buffet come to mind. Not bad company! You know these songs inside out and make them your own. Master guitarist Stephan Bennett on guitar and bass add to the enjoyment. Kim Persons engineering serves the songs and your voice. Nice work!

Jenny Brooks

January 11, 2007

What nice reviews!!You've done well with this site, Bob! You have a nice group of photos, and the music is superb, of course. :) Keep adding to this's a very nice site to visit.I'll be back,Songman!